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28th February 2016

All revision papers are currently being revamped and will not be availabe for sale until the end of March 2016

Revision guides with answers for sale are found at the bottom of this page

After almost a years downtime due to complaints from City and Guilds about the superb quality of our original Inspection and Testing revision papers. City and Guilds complained we were copying their exam papers, which Britannia Training Ltd totally repudiated. Our papers were so good because you our readers sent in your recollections of the exam you sat. Britannia Training in turn wrote papers using our knowledge of Electrical Inspection & Testing to create scenarios similar but not identical to City & Guilds own papers for you the reader to practice with.

Such was our success that City and Guilds threatened legal action if we did not remove our revision papers from our web site. As Britannia Training Ltd is only a small cottage business we did not have the money to challenge City and Guilds in the courts. So we have now published our papers in a new format. These new papers do not reflect any actual exam paper, but are great revision guides.

The 17th Edition wiring regulations BS:7671 were issued on the 1st January 2008, and came into effect on the 1st June 2008. All electrical installations designed after 01/06/2008 will have to comply with BS 7671:2008

Please note: These exam revision papers are NOT actual City & Guilds 2391 Exam Papers. City & Guilds hold the copyright to the actual exam papers, and as such we could not publish actual exam papers. So to assist the student sparky, we have used our expert knowledge of the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations BS 7671 and our expertise in actual Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations to create a series of revision Inspection and Testing Exam Papers for you the student to practice on, thus giving you some idea of what you will face when you sit the actual 2391 exam itself.

The City & Guilds 2391 and 2392 exams are briefly explained below.

The City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations is now known as the 2391-10 exam. It was previously known as the 2391-01 exam.

If you want to obtain a qualification to confirm you are competent to Inspect and Test Electrical Installations, then this is the exam you need. It consists of two parts:

A written test and a practical test, 2391-301 is the 2 hour written test and 2391-302: is the practical test

The City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in Design, Erection and Verification of Electrical Installations is now known as the 2391-20 exam. It was previously known as the 2391-02 exam and the 2400 exam before that.

It get's confusing doesn't it?? This exam is intended for anyone in the electrical contracting design industry, who has responsibilities for the quality of the design process including the how the specifications of the design meet the criteria imposed by BS 7671-2008, and including the quality of the inspection and testing process itself.

It consists of three parts: Written, and practical tests

2391-302: Practical exam. Any candidate who has passed the 2391 practical will not have to retake this exam.

2391-303: A 3 hour written exam

2391-304: Design of electrical installations, a set project requiring a minimum of 20 hours of work - An example of such a project to assist the student will shortly be available for sale on our 2391 page.

We have never found any job that specifically requires the candidate to have 2391-20 (2440) qualifications, and would be interested in hearing from anyone who has applied for a job that requires this qualification. We will post your comments (with your permission on our customer feedback page)

The City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate in Fundamental Inspection, Testing and Initial Verification is now known as the 2392-10 exam. This exam has been designed to assist the 'less experienced' person obtain experience and knowledge of the inspection, testing and initial verification process. City & Guilds claim "Research has indicated the candidates that have achieved the 2392-10 will have on average, greater success in achieving the 2391"

It consists of two parts: A written test and a practical test

2392-101: 1 hour online multiple choice test

2392-102: The practical test

However our advice and this is the purpose of this web site, to give you 'good free advice' you will not receive elsewhere, is that you are wasting your money booking yourself onto this course. There are no employer's to our knowledge who are going to employ you solely on the fact that you have achieved the 2392-10 exam (any comments disagreeing with this we will post on our web site for other readers consideration).

Employers in the electrical contracting industry will want you to have the full-blown Level 3 2391 exam, so you are just as well booking yourself onto the 2391 course once you have achieved the appropriate skill and training in electrical installations by practical work within the industry and studying on courses such as the 2330 Level 2 and Level 3 Electro-technical Certificate in Electrical Installations, and the 17th Edition Wiring 2382-10 exam.

However if you have very limited knowledge of the inspection and testing process, and very limited knowledge of the practical aspects of electrical installation work, then this exam may just be for you. It may allow you to obtain a qualification, whereas the full-blown 2391 may be just a step too far. Of course the final choice is yours.

The following revision exam paper with answers have been produced to assist and support the student studying for the 2391 / 2392 exams. The 2391 exam still remains statistically amongst one of the harder to pass first time exams in the UK. However we fully support City & Guilds position in maintaining the high standard of this exam, as once obtained the 2391 qualification indicates the individual should be competent in the inspection and testing of mains voltage electrical installations.

Industry and the general public need to be assured that any electrical work on their premises has been performed safely and competently in accordance with the guidelines of BS 7671 so that no danger of fire or electrical shock will occur to persons or livestock. The 2391 exam attempts to maintain this high standard, hence its inherent level of difficulty. We have attempted in the following question paper to give you a feel for how City & Guilds present their questions.

Clearly we cannot present to you word for word City & Guilds exam questions. To do so would breach their copyright. However we can use our knowledge of Electrical Inspection and Testing to present to you questions similar in nature and structure so you can get a feel for the type of questions you will face, and prepare for sitting the 2391 / 2392 Inspection & Testing exams.

We have kept our prices deliberately low, and made each paper individually available, to assist the student sparky with his/her budget. Many former customers have commented on the superb value of these papers. All we can say is, if you are happy with your purchase please let us know, we are always glad to have feedback from our customers which we will place with your permission on the 'Customer Feedback' page - accessible via the navigation on the left hand side of this page.

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