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17th Edition Wiring Regulations Exam Revision Page

Updated 25th April 2016

The 17th Revision guides are in the process of been totally rewritten and conform to the Big Yellow Book BS 7671:2015 Amendment 3

1020 questions and answers with tips and guidance form 17 exam papers with 60 questions per exam

These should be back on sale by the end of June 2016 for the grand sum of £5.69

The full title for the City and Guilds 2382 exams are as follows:

City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in the requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671 - 2382-10 which is the full course and

City and Guilds Level 3 Certificate in the requirements for Electrical Installations 16th to 17th update BS 7671 - 2382-20 which is the update course.

The 2382-10 and 2382-20 courses are designed for practicing electrical craftsmen, and electrical installation designers, to gain competence and knowledge in the structure and use of the IEE 17th Edition Wiring Regulations BS 7671. Students enrolling on this course should have a good understanding of basic electrical installation theory, as well as some practical knowledge of the electrical installation industry.

It goes without saying that this course is not intended for beginners to the electrical installation industry. Other more suitable courses such as the City and Guilds Level 2 and Level 3 - 2330 Certificate in Electro-technical Technology exist to provide beginners to the electrical installation industry with a good grounding in these subject areas.

The following revision paper with answers has been produced to assist and support the student studying for this exam. The 2382 continues to challenge students in their knowledge of electrical installation theory and requires in the region of 80% of the answers to be correct to obtain a pass.

In order to pass the full level 3 certificate you will need to pass one computer based multiple choice examination with 60 random questions in 2 hours.

In order to pass the level 3 update certificate you have to sit one computer based multiple choice examination with 30 random questions, in 1 hour, if you have previously obtained the IEE 16th Edition Wiring Regulations certificate.

The multiple choice questions which follow in these revision papers are written in a format that will help you prepare for the exam. The actual exam will have questions in a random sequence. This paper is intended to support learners on either the 2382-10 or 2382-20. Don't forget this is an open-book examination and you MUST take in YOUR own copy of BS 7671:2008.

Many centres will insist that your copy is a 'clean' copy and does not contain any notes you have made, which may give you an advantage. If your own copy contains many notes and annotations you may find your exam centre will insist you obtain a 'clean' copy to bring into the exam - some centres will lend you one, but many won't. You need to familiarise yourself with the structure of BS 7671, if you are to successfully pass the exam. There is no point in trying to memorise the book, unless you have a photographic memory you would be just wasting your time, but you do need to know the structure of the reg's.

Take time before the exam whilst you are studying on the 2382 course to try and memorise the general contents of each chapter, so that by the time you are ready to sit the exam you know by memory that for example Definitions are in Part 2, Assessment and General Characteristics in Part 3, Protection for Safety is in Part 4, and so on. This will help you a great deal when you sit the actual exam.

Our tip: Many students waste a lot of time browsing through the wiring regulations looking for answers to the exam questions. Use the front contents page, which will direct you to 'Chapter Contents' pages, and don't forget the 'Index Section' at the back of the Reg's, these can be very useful too. So use the contents and index sections as your search engine, which will guide you to the appropriate section where you will find the answer you, are seeking.

The exam itself is taken on a computer at the examination centre (usually where you have studied the 2382 course) which is connected via the Internet to City and Guilds GOLA online exam system. You are give around 10 minutes before the exam to get use to the system by working your way through a tutorial on the computer. Once you start the exam, you will have 120 minutes for the full 2382-10 exam, in which to complete 60 questions. This works out at 2 minutes per question, (this is not a lot of time) so it is important NOT to spend too much time on any one question.

If you cannot very quickly find directions in the main contents page, or the index section at the back of the reg's to a particular question then flag this question (using the Flag button) to be completed later and move on to the next question you can quickly and easily find the answer to. Once you have completed all the answers you were able to complete quickly and easily, thereby gaining exam marks, then go back to the questions you previously flagged. Remember even if you are unsure as to an answer, you still have a 1 in 4 change of getting lucky, so if you are running out of time, and you cannot find the answer to a question, you are better off taking an educated guess, as you will certainly not get any marks if you leave the question un-answered.

Now one more possible tip: We have had feedback from some of our readers who have taken the 2382 exam, and they have reported in some cases, the questions appeared to follow the order of the reg's e.g. the questions at the beginning of the exam are from the front section of the reg's, and as the exam progresses, the questions, work their way through the reg's. So bear this in mind, and if your exam appears to follow this structure, then it will help to limit where you need to look in the reg's for answers. But this does not happen in all cases, as we have had reports from some students that the exams questions appeared to be completely set at random.

Another tip: Some questions relate to diagrams presented on-screen, or to a special location. Look closely at the information contained within any diagrams, as sometimes this information will provide the answer you are seeking, or point you in the direction of an answer. With regards to special locations, then obviously the answer you seek, may be found in the particular special location section. You just need to be able to interpret what the question is asking you. For example if a question is based around a 'Garden Centre' you need to realise the answer may fall under section 705 'Agricultural and Horticultural Premises'. An employee working inside a small metal storage tank, may come under section 706 'Conducting Locations with Restricted Movement' Do you get the idea?

This revision paper uses the same question areas as the on-line 2382-10 examination: Part 1 (Scope etc): 4 questions, Part 2: 3 questions, Part 3: 5 questions, Part 4:14 questions, Part 5: 15 questions, Part 6: 6 questions, Part 7: 10 questions and Appendices: 3 questions. Total: 60 questions.

Please note however, this revision paper with answers is not a substitute for following a formal regime of training by a recognised City & Guilds training provider or College of Further Education. This paper is supplied to be of 'additional' assistance to the 2382 student, and not intended to replace such aforementioned formal training schemes.

The introduction of 2382 revision exam papers and free 2382 advice is the next generation of expansion by Britannia Training Limited. Britannia Training Ltd has teamed up with Steve Burns a very well qualified, respected and experienced full time lecturer in Electrical Engineering, to provide an additional platform of support for electrical engineering students. It is our hope that you will find our web site, and training material, useful and helpful in your studies. We welcome any feedback or questions. Considering all the electrical engineering text books available on the market at present, and other companies offering training help and advice, where else can you contact the author or publisher and receive a reply within 24-hours? - You can with us.

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