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12th August 2016

Welcome to this web site, here you will find resources to help you in your goal to become a competent sparky.

At this present time the material on this web site is in the process of being updated, the 17th Edition Exam page has been updated and the new ebook The BIG Book of 1020 Questions and Answers for the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations Exam is available via Amazon for only £5.69

The 2391 page is in the process of being updated for the 2394 and 2395 exams, however this page still contains help, tips, advice and guidance towards passing the 2394/2395 exam

Please note this site is not an official City and Guilds site, we are not associated in any way with City and Guilds. However since it is public knowledge that City and Guilds do not at this present time publish their inspection and testing and electrotechnical exam answers to enable student to benefit from the feedback they could gain. This site has attempted to provide a much needed public service to electrical engineering students, so that they can benefit from practicing and working through typical electrotechnical type questions. If you have any enquiry to any of the questions we place or our answers, you can email us and expect to receive an answer usually within 24 hours. This email service is a totally free service, we place no restriction on the number of questions you can ask or how many times you come back to ask. It is a genuine attempt to be of helpful service to the electrical engineering student.

All our exam papers consist of typical inspection and testing / electrotechnical type questions. They are not the actual City and Guilds exam papers questions. These are protected by copyright, and in any case are destroyed by the training provider exam officer or returned to City and Guilds, so they are not available to the general public.

Check out our 2330 maths page, here you will find free samples to our 2330 Maths Book

The 2391 navigation button's will take you to the more pages on this site. Here you will find valuable free information towards passing the 2394/2395 exam's

Should you have any questions you can contact us free of charge via our e-mail link at

Best wishes in your studies

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Every effort has been made to ensure no breech of copyright has occurred with reference to images and questions produced on this web site or in our exam guides. Any omission will be rectified in subsequent publications if notice is given to the publisher Britannia Training Limited.

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